In the 1950s, university president Marcel Dubuisson, inspired by the vast campuses of American universities, decided to bring all of the technical and scientific faculties together at Sart-Tilman. This was the beginning of the end for the site.

By bringing all of the departments of the University of Liège together in a single location, president, Marcel Dubuisson sought to create an "esprit de corps" for the Liège university community.  He was also inspired by large American campuses that promote exchanges between students of all faculties. It so happened that, on the heights above Liège, there was a wooded property of 2000 hectares threatened by unbridled urbanisation.

The university bought the first plots at the end of the 1950s and the first buildings were built in the 1960s in a very avant-garde style. They were inaugurated for the 150th anniversary of ULg on 6 November 1967.

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Photo Sart-Tilman - Copyright ULG